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I am a writer, because I am a reader, a passionate reader of the events. Apart from doing my literary writing, I try to see how a particular event would and could affect the people living in its immediate surround.


When I write short stories, I do not fill the characters with writerly details. I ask them to tell me about how they want to live and how the world should know them. - Naval Langa

The thread running through the story is fear factor, narrating how the rulers and religious heads use this factor for their purposes.

A short Story Narrating the helplessness of weak at the hands of the Strong.

It's a story of woman who is cheated in love.

A short story narrating how a woman caught in a strange circumstances finds out a novel solution.

In The Handicapped a boy struggles for becoming an entrepreneur; he has to wrestle for acquiring a licence for setting up his own small business enterprise.

What would a woman or a man do when he or she is responsibe to care for a child and is driven out of her/his house? Here it is narrated what a brave woman did.

Short story narrating how the terms of relationship change in an orthodox society.

Here a woman in her late fifties is ready to give her life a fresh start.
A young woman finds peace in a village house.
It's a story of a woman who shows courage to face the strange odds of her life.
It's story of a protegonist woman who along with her in-laws challenges the odds of life.
It's the story of the woman who endeavours to make her life on her efforts, and not by others' kindness and pity.
The young protagonist, a boy, finds his real mother's love in his step mother.
In this short story the writer has tried to narrate and show that sometimes we face a strange situation. We are unable to decided whether an incidence occuring before our eyes is FACT or a FICTION. Here by the word 'we' I do not mean only the writers and poets. If any one has encountered such an incidence in his or her life, please help me to know about it.
It's story of a young woman who has to struggles while donating one of her kidney to her motherly woman.
Freedom comes at a price : that is the lesson the protagonist woman teaches to her elders.
The protagonist goes through a series of mental tortures, as she fears that her lover's past lover would surface again and would snatch her man.
A woman caught in a strange situation attempts a novel solution for her breaking/failed marriage.
A young woman who hates the 'men' flock en masse, faces a problem at the time of her mother's remarriage.
It's a humorous short story concerning the lawyers' and their clients' life.
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