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I am a writer, because I am a reader, a passionate reader of the events. Apart from doing my literary writing, I try to see how a particular event would and could affect the people living in its immediate surround.


Humorous Article: Narrating the lawyers' life and Advocates' function in the court and society



In those days I was a novice among the crowd of lawyers. My collegues, the men with hidden smile and greying hair, and the women with hidden smile and dyed hair, were yet a decipherable lot for me. And as they all remained wrapped in black outfits, I was unable to identify them as either friends or foes. My heart was sinking on thinking that I was to be opponents to all those ladies and gentlemen in blacks.

My well-furnished office and the books, evething purchased from my hard savings, were yet to see the face of first client. At the end of first week I had one. He must have been sent by one of my friends.

He was a man of twenty-five, and looked as a young man in despair would look: staring at everything, eyes unblinking, and the perspiration irregular.

Before he settled in a chair, before I asked him anything about his legal purpose, he spoke hurriedly, “Sir, I want divorce from my wife. Can you help me?”

At the moment I felt as if I am a grocery trader and the ‘Divorce’ was on my selling list.

After gulping a full glass of water he belched his story. It was short and partly unbelievable. He said he really did not know why he was living with his wife. An usual husband and wife tussle.

From his talks I could gather that the guy had a wrong upbringing. His parents were responsible for his line of thinking, perhaps. Being only issue of his parents when he demanded bicycle, his parents gave him; when he demanded bike, the parents gave him; when he demanded a wife, the parents gave him. Now he demanded divorce. He had no experience of hearing ‘no’.

The sum total of his demanding divorce was not very difficult to understand. As per his version of the story his marriage was travelling through the hell. But the simple issue was that his wife was serving in a private establishment and used to come late.

Mine was the first experience with a client seeking legal help. But the virtues of a good man were still in my heart, as I was an inexperienced lawyer. You know, the lawyers too have hearts. I decided to help the man in right manner. I talked with him for an hour or so and got him agreed to come after one week and that to along with his wife.

“Look, young man. I will try to settle your issue. Okay?” I assured him.


The assured young man did not turned up for three months.

One day, at a certain corner of the city, while going to court, I saw him in a maternity hospital. A woman, visibly beautiful and seemingly wiser than the guy, was stepping down the staircase. He was helping her to climb down. They might have come for some check-ups, perhaps.

The young man recognized me from a distance. The black coat has its own advantages, too. But he simply smiled. I, too, simply smiled. The brief encounter ended with his broad smile.


One year passed.

It was a fine evening. I was with my wife, sitting on a garden bench. The bench was wooden and our faces were unpleasant for unknown reasons. We husband and wife hardly need a reason to be unhappy. So that was not an exceptional day.

I suddenly spotted that couple. The man who was desperately seeking divorce was looking happy beyond recognition. They were engaged with their child.

After a while they came at us. The man introduced me to his wife and told about when and why we had met first time. The young woman was more mature than her age. She talked with my wife and our unpleasantness too ran way.

When the couple went away I thought about the day when he came to meet me. Had I been greedy for my fees, had I encouraged the angry young man, the scene would have been unhappily different. The society would have been slightly poorer.
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