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I am a writer, because I am a reader, a passionate reader of the events. Apart from doing my literary writing, I try to see how a particular event would and could affect the people living in its immediate surround.



The man who was born in Istanbul in 1952 was going to be an architect, as his parents wanted him to be so. But the destiny showed him another path. He went on the road of writing. His mother had apprehension that he would not earn sufficient money to maintain his family, as the most of the writers did not. However the reading of modern and ancient writings made this man to become a well equipped writer. The man was Orhan Pamuk, and he earned Nobel Prize for literature.

Narrative technique he displays in his writing justifies the Nobel Prize given to him. Orhan Pamuk loves his city of Istanbul and he praises the city for its unmatched history of arts and the human tragedies the wars had put into the city. If any one wants to know about him in nutshell, he or she should read at least one novel written by Orhah Pamuk. And the novel “My Name is Read” would be a good choice.

The Plot

The story of this novel revolves around the Turkey of sixteenth century. But the point Orhan Pamuk makes is a contemporary one. Primarily the novel walks around the life of miniature artists living in Istanbul of late sixteenth century. It narrates all types of human follies and demonstrates how negative forces sway over positive factors.

The gist of the story is like this: certain communities block the modernity in any field of life. Even the artists are prevented at first instance and then beheaded for disobeying the so-called religious truth. Orhan Pamuk narrates this element taking the help of cultural dynamics of his country. The structure of society he describes seems convincing. The events narrated with the help of multiple voices are full of emotions. These events portray the physical and mental state of people of the period involved. The novel succeeds in describing the social texture of the characters and how that affects their daily life.

The plot is well arranged. The story of novel My Name is Red comprises three major happenings. The prime aspect of the story is a murder mystery. Murders of two artists are involved. Another aspect is a love story, running through the novel. However the hidden aspect of the novel is the protest of new wave in the field of art. A section of Turkish artists oppose the growing influence of western painting. They would not accept the paintings looking three dimensional. There was a section of the artists who wanted to use the concept of perspective painting.
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