India owns a rainbow like cultural spectrum. Mirroring the same is a challenge for a writer. This collection of short stories evolves from the engagements of personal and social relations and from the contemporary conditions, which shape them.

On a stage where masculinity calls the shots, India being a male dominant society, some of the stories try opening emotional outlets for women, too. Lady protagonists occupying centre stage deal with the challenges in different ways.

Though the characters and situations in these short stories are drawn from everyday life, happening in instantly recognizable places, they are capable to spring surprises even for those who are familiar with Indian life and culture. In most of the stories, care has been taken to keep the characters ordinary, not making them extraordinary or unbelievable. Readers may find common themes running through some of the stories, feeling a sense of continuity. Nevertheless, each story stands alone in its own right. (Images courtesy wikimedia Commons)


The thread running through the story is fear factor.

A short Story Narrating the helplessness of weak at the hands of the Strong.

The short story narrating a reunion of the separated lovers.

The story narrates how a woman, standing on a strange curve of her life, finds out an unprecedented solution.
This is the story of a son who finds out a real mother in his step-mother.

In The Handicapped a boy struggles for becoming an entrepreneur.

It's a story of a woman who shows courage to face the strange odds of her life.

They Aren't Beggars