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I am a writer, because I am a reader, a passionate reader of the events. Apart from doing my literary writing, I try to see how a particular event would and could affect the people living in its immediate surround.

EMOTIONAL POEM: Painting Fear and Hope

Poem Narrating Fear and Hope: written by Sapna George. Review written by Naval Langa

Fear is an emotional response, an upshot coming from the survival mechanism embedded within every human being. It’s like the flicker of a burning candle that is put amidst a storm. When this fear factor catches the imagination of a poet; when it stimulates a poet’s heart to write about the hues and tonal values of the colour known as ‘fear’; a ringing poem comes out of the poet’s pen. The pen of the poet measures every nuance and each shade of fear and tells us the story. Here an Indian poetess Sapna George puts the fear on the table of her poetic prowess, dissects it in her lyrical words, and reports about the result of her poetic experiment with the fear.

Bertrand Russell : To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.

The protagonist in Sapna’s poem is a woman who has suffered from her past experiences with love. Deserted and driven out, I stand on a lone coast. She is a wounded woman, carrying the bleeding talks of her past love and the resulting sufferings. The sufferings have made her fearful of every thing that comes into her life. She seems to have lost faith in love, too.

Touches me the dust of the day, roars in me a scream

Lost is the altar of the home, where I stored my dream

But as wheel of the time passes; the hands of the clock move; and she meets another man, the man who is eager to lend a ladder of love to her. However she is apprehensive of all the new things coming in her life.

I fear why you’re so good, so nearing to me

I fear while you utter soothing words for me.

But Sapna, the poetess, being an optimistic person herself, does not leave her character, the wounded woman, amidst the merciless desert of fear. It would be a poetic justice to the character, too. As the poetess believe that ‘Fortune favours the brave’, she tries out a ladder to help the fear-struck woman.

Till you met, I’d nothing to add in life, I’d no hope of greening

Lend me your hand, before the words change their meaning

If a literary piece of writing has no message, it is nearly worthless. But here the poetess makes it message-bound. Fear is a disease, but there are ways leading out of every disease. And there can be no better medicine than ‘love’. The wounded woman gets a friend, a genuine lover, a person who cares for her and helps her coming out of the past. He tries to unblock the dreams of the woman, the dreams that the fear was not allowing to be flourished. Here the poetess wants to impart a message like this:

One will never reach distant shores, / if he chooses to remain upon the dock,

In fear his little ship of dreams / may be dashed against the rocks.